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So in other word pointless to get the update if I don’t have any judder.
It's not pointless, just not necessarily job number one on the priority list.

If you haven't got any juddering, you can get by perfectly well without the software update as long as you stay at least as disciplined as you have been about keeping the ATF right how it needs to be. Of course, as a vehicle ages its maintenance requirements will change too so you'll only have to get better and better because the transmission sure won't. And that's not a knock against Honda - all vehicles from all manufacturers wear out as they age and get used and need more attention. It's just how it is.

The software update gets you some extra leeway because the ATF doesn't get worn out quite so fast - it's not having to endure the same conditions to get the same job done. If you can get it done for free under the TSB, there is no reason to not do it. If you can't get it done for free, I had it done to my perfectly fine transmission for about a half-hour's labor charge a couple of summers ago and I consider that $75 well spent.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts