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Transmission's slipping

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Occasionally I notice the transmission "slipping" when I shift from reverse to drive after backing up. It only lasts for about a second and then everything is normal. The transmission fluid level is full. Does anybody have this problem? I'm thinking of taking the van to the dealer and have it checked.
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famguy: which transmission do you have (4 or 5 speed)?
I have the 5 speed and when shifting as you describe, there is a noticeable delay for the forward engagement. Since this is my first Honda and I have had it about a month I was not sure if it is a generic Honda problem.

Yes, you always want to have any "quirky" stuff checked out, in case it is not normal. Once it is checked and documented, it gives you something to talk about if the problem gets worse or something fails later.

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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