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Trany Problems..Poll:>35Kmiles&no prob?

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O.K. folks, I posted a question on 12-21-01 asking if there was anyone out there with >55k miles on their Ody without any trany problems. Only one reply. A bit worry-some considering I generally get tons of replies to any other post. So, how about anyone with >35k miles and no trany problems? Please tell me this is possible. This website seems to be the only somewhat honest source for unveiling potential patterns of problems with this vehicle. I'm now reading some recent posts discussing a class action lawsuit about the trany failure problems. Yikes ! What have I purchased ? Is Honda stepping up with assistance for this "apparent" problem once the short 35k mile warranty expires ? What can you tell me.
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Fantastic ! That is the kinda reply I love to hear. That's the Honda I've grown to love. Sure hope more folks have that kind of luck and reply back. I've been stressing about getting rid of my Ody because of the growing number of trany complaints. Seems as people finally get some miles on their Ody's they are running into more trany issues. Instead of sinking another $1,500 into an extended warranty I'd rather cut my losses and put that money into something like the Toyota Sienna although, I'm hearing a lot about a serious "sludge" problem with those vehicles. I sure wish there was a definitive source to get repair stats on the Ody. Everyone else, please keep the good "honest" stories coming !
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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