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Dear all. I am driving around in Denmark in an imported 2006 Touring with 150k miles on it. Honda dealers here are not familiar with Odysseys and I could really use some help! It is about the transmission. A few months back I had the transmission flushed because it was a bit noisy and went abruptly in to gear after eg. a turn or when exiting a roundabout. The other day I was on the highway going 75 mph. When I pushed the throttle to accelerate the transmission shifted from 5th to 4th to 3rd (maybe all the way to 2nd - I am not sure) and RPM increased dramatically. I pulled over and got the car towed to my local Honda dealer. He has replaced a broken solenoid but he has identified a vibration i 2nd gear that he can't explain/fix. The dealer has now ordered a transmission oil filter that he would like to change as next step. But summer holiday is getting closer and I need the car to be ready for a trip to France :). Have any of you had the same experience as I have had? Suggestions for a solution? Best wishes, Espen
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