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Turn ignition, 30 seconds of clicks, then silence

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Hello all,

I tried searching other threads about this issue but things just weren't matching up to my issue. My current 2006 Honda Odyssey has 95,000 miles on it and in the last year this thing feels more like a money pit than it does the vehicle I was proud to own years ago. Regardless, this is just the newest issue that has come up so hopefully one of you will have experienced this before.

It goes like this: Whenever I turn the ignition on, A/C on or off, it doesn't make a difference, there is an incessant clicking noise coming from around the rear passenger side seat belt assembly. It's constant, like a fast ticking clock, but after about 30-40 seconds the clicking stops and the car continues to work fine. Air comes out cold, vents still work properly. I do know that it's about time my brakes need looking at but, like I said, the clicking seems to be coming from around the rear passenger side panel all the way in the back. Any guesses what it could be? I'd be more than happy to supply you with more information if need be so thanks in advance for your suggestions. This forum has helped me more than once diagnose an issue with this van. Thanks!
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