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TV Tuner for RES?

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Last night we drove behind what we think was 2002 Ody with the RES system (couldn't tell if those lights were amber!). We noticed they were watching the same football game we were listening to on the radio.

Although it wasn't perfect reception, my husband is wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket TV tuner with an output to plug into the RES system (like you can a video game system)? If so, where should we look for one? Thanks.

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There is more discussion of this, probably in older discussions under the Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation forum. With that said, you should be able to find a tuner with an output to the RES input, assuming it is a standard video/audio plug such as RCA. With the tuner, you will probably want some sort of antenna. Some of the mobile antennas come with a diversity set-up with multiple antennas. The diversity "controller" uses the strongest signal for reception. However, even with the diversity set-up, there is no guarantee that you will receive watchable video.

One place to check is

for mobile video parts. There are other places if you search through the older discussions.

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