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I live in Japan and have just bought a new 2001 LAGREAT (right hand drive)which was built in Canada. I have 2 questions. In Japan we cannot move the second row seats together like you can. Does anyone know why?
Is it possible to buy or fit the cup holder tray from the front seats and put one between the second row seats.
I have really enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and comments on the Odyssey.
Thank you

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First of all, welcome to Odyclub. Is there an extra notch on the floor in between the two seats? There should be one so you can move the seats together. It may be covered by a striker plate (small plastic cover).
Thank you for your reply.
I have just checked the car to see if there were any extra notches and the only ones, are for the seats in their normal captain chair configuration. I had asked the Honda salesperson about it but he said the car didn't have this feature. I told him in US/CAN that it was a feature. He didn't know that. Generally speaking the LAGREAT in Japan is not sold in great numbers like the homemade Odyssey. So the salespeople are less familiar with the LAGREAT.
Actually the captain chair/ bench arrangement is just one of a few differences between the Canadian and Japanese cars.
Once again thank you for your reply.
Check out this pic. These are the parts that make the seat able to slide with the other.



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Thank you for your picture. I look on it with envy. I haven't taken a picture yet of my 2nd row seating but I will and post it.
I don't have those seat anchors; wish I did.
Thanks again.
I think the reason Japanese Odyssey/Lagreat doesn't have this feature is because it's right hand drive and since the Legreat doesn't sell in high numbers, Honda didn't want to spent the money to have another design of the floor.

For example, if the right hand drive version have the same slot pattern s the North American version. It would be the driver's side seat that slide to the middle, which would required rear passenger to enter from the driver/road side of the vehicle, and that could potentially be dangerous.
Seamus, I'd love to see your Lagreat! Please post some pics up! Its great to have some particpation for our fellow Lagreat/Ody lovers across the pond.

Any other cool details about your van you'd like to share?
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