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I had inquired earlier if our Gen 4s had the transmission temperature at the OBDII port and could not confirm until I found this earlier thread from 2014 to 2016 in which ninjafish said his UG MX V1.3 did display his Ody's trans temp.

Thread on Ody forum confirming that UltraGauge MX 1.3 did have transmission temp for a 2011 Ody so I assume the v1.4 would also. Confirmed: Ultragauge MX does display transmission...

So I ordered a new UG MX with the Honda preprogramming for my 2011 Touring Elite which arrived today. I connected it and set the fuel tank size to 21 gallons and the engine size to 3.5 liters.
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Then I set up gauge page #2 to display all of the eight M Gauges in order and every one showed “Err” for error. None of them would display a value with engine running or not running.

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Thar previous thread also had this comment from Stone_wen:
"I purchased a UG MX1.3 with Honda CAN pre-config as you did, I have a 2012 Odyssey EX-L, however the read out is all error. I contacted ultragauge, believing they pre-config with a 2008 odyssey codes. "

There was no follow up from Stone_wen to say if UG solved his problem but there was this from dmfrey1:
"Just installed an UltraGauge MX 1.3 and it supports transmission temp out of the box for my 2010 Odyssey. Couldn't find verification before purchasing it, so I'm adding it to the "supported list" "

This is the M Gauge setup page as supplied for transmission temp in degrees F and some of the numbers are different than one photo in that earlier thread for transmission temp on a Toyota Tacoma.

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Anyone have suggestions on how to get this MX v1.4 to display the eight M gauges on my 2011 Touring?
If Stone_wen is still around, did you ever get your UG MX v1.3 to read the M Gauges?

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I plugged the UG MX into our 2010 Odyssey Touring and all of the M Gauges did display for it. The AC PSI read 0 and remained 0 when I turned the temperature to Lo, but the other M Gauges seemed to read realistic values. The UG says both Odysseys use 29 bit CAN, so why the UG codes work for the 2010 and not the 2011 I have no idea.

I had this reply from UG:
If a Mgauge shows "Err", it means that the underlying code is not recognized by your vehicle.
According to your order, you selected, - Preprogramming Option: Honda with CAN, which is correct and is the only option for Honda

There are a few other known Honda codes for trans temp:
TDATA: 00EF222201
MTCH: 240000
RPOS: 1808
Left/Right: 30
Output Format: 10

Same as above except:
TDATA: 00EF223083
MTCH: 220000
RPOS: 2808

I really wanted the M Gauges for my 2011 with the tow package to keep track of the trans temp and also to keep track of the alternator which often drops out on startup but recovers and then seems to charge OK. I am going to run the UG for awhile on the 2010 to track its alternator because the battery has gone flat twice recently when it was parked for 4 to 5 days.

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its supposed to work. did you open a support request with scanguage?

Edit: This post sheds some light on the subject, it only works with the 5 speed, the 2010 has the 5 speed, the 2011-2013 ody non touring have the same 5 speed.
2011-2013 touring has the 6 speed.

Did you mean UltraGauge? Or ScanGauge? The reply above was from UG support and I replied and got a follow up that didn't help.

My reply: 5/6/22 16:31
OK, I'll try the alternate transmission temp codes. Do you have any other codes for the alternator amps and the ECM volts? BTW, would resetting the gauges in Gauge setup restore the M Gauges to the preprogrammed codes?

UG reply: 5/6/22 19:06
The restore works on everything but the Mgauges.
We only have the 3 codes provided beyond those pre-programmed.
Best regards, Steve
UltraGauge Support
UltraGauge OBDII Scan tool and Information Center

I didn't get that other thread to open so far, but I'll keep trying
So... the reports that the M Gauges did work on Gen 4s were from folks with the 5 speed transmission? I wonder why Honda would change ALL the codes for the 6 speed models, but then why did they omit the individual tire pressures for Gen 4 and restore that feature for Gen 5? Seems no rhyme or reason. I'll try re-programming the Trans Temp degrees C gauge to the alternate F degree codes and see if either of them work for either Ody, but I don't have much confidence.

If anyone has UG codes that work for a 6 speed Gen 4 I'd appreciate hearing from you.
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