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Unfamiliar smell from the vents

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2003 Oddyssey with ~ 50K miles. The smell is difficult to describe, the best I could come up with is some kind of plastic smell. The first time I noticed it was after coming back from work, I had to drive the kids to somewhere, when the kids and I entered the still warm car and started the heat, we all smelled this strange smell. It did not occur for a few days and then today it showed up again. I heard antifreeze smells "sweet" but this smell does not seem that much "sweet", though I have no experience smelling the antifreeze. Any suggestion to help diagnose this strange smell? Thanks!
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Antifreeze "tastes" sweet- why it's important to keep it away from animals. It smells more like alcohol, and sometimes like rotten crotch. (lol)

How's your cabin filter? You could have picked up something in the vent system and need it changed.
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