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USA SPEC iPod/iPhone adapter controls

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I just got one of the USA SPEC adapters installed about a week and a half ago and I like it a lot except for a few things.

First, I usually end up putting it into direct mode so that I can just use my iPhone directly to pick out what track/playlist I want to start from. But the adapter always starts up in playlist mode. Is there a setting on the adapter that I can change to force it to always go into direct mode first?

Second, I can't use the channel up/down on the steering wheel to skip tracks -- it only changes the mode the adapter is in. Is there another setting or workaround to make channel up/down on the steering wheel change tracks? I can currently change tracks by turning the channel knob on the head unit, but that is less than ideal. I tried holding down the channel up/down buttons as the manual said, but that doesn't work on my van.

And finally, for the people that have been using the USA SPEC adapter for a while now, are there any tips/tricks that would be helpful to know about it?