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Using Power Outlet

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I'm new to this so hope someone can answer. Rather than install the cassette player in my new EX '01, I may opt for using a RadioShack player/recorder for those rare occasions I want to listen to books on tape. (Frankly, I'm in love with the auto-dimming/temp/comp mirror as my fun-money expenditure.) Can I buy a converter to use with the electric plug on the recorder, and just plug it into the the power outlet near the floor? If so, are the converters readily obtainable, and are there different kinds? Thanx.
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Sure, a converter would work great for that purpose. The only differences in them is in their power (wattage) ratings - but if all you'll ever plug into it is a cassette player/recorder, you don't need a very powerful (read: "expensive") one. Check out this site for an example:

You can probably also find them at most any Target or Wal-Mart stores; probably somewhere around the camping supplies. Not sure what they sell for there.

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