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No way they did the valve adjust AND the tbelt and alignment in that time. I'm no pro myself, but here's my thought: On 02 and later models, there is a top cover on the intake manifold you have to remove to access the bolts that secure the manifold itself. Take off this cover and have a look at the bottom side of the cover (which are the EGR passages to each cylinder intake location). Is it horribly encrusted with carbon or are there signs that someone scraped them clean with a screwdriver? If totally encrusted, its a bad sign. No tech should have let that slide past him when it is an opportunity to suck more money from your wallet AND do you a favor.

Also look down into the intake. Are there collected pools of oil on top of the bolts that secure it to the block? If so, the intake wasn't removed and the valves weren't adjusted. It takes some time to build up those oil pools in there....
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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