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Various Electrical Problems

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I've looked through the various threads and see various problems that I am having on my 2004 Odyssey. I am wondering if they could be related.

Automatic door intermitently closes. Sometimes I have to gently pull the door about halfway then it automatically closes from there. Closes just fine when I press the button inside.

Driver front door shows open periodically when the door is pressed or when hitting a bump. This will also cause the lights (if on) to turn off and on. I think this is because the lights automatically turn on when the door is open.

These things have been happening for a while. About a week or so my check engine light came on (which sometimes happens after getting an oil change which was done a month ago). Then yesterday my wife started to lose power as she was driving. She slowed down and the van regained power and seemed to work fine the 20 or so miles she drove home. From what I read this doesn't seem to be electrical in nature but since all these things keep happening I wanted to know if these things could be related. Could all these things be related and any recommendations?

The lose of power could be ignition switch, fuel pump, or O2 sensor? (I need to have the check engine code ran)

Thanks for any feedback.