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I find it interesting that so many claim that disabling VCM caused no decrease in fuel economy, based purely on faith and anecdotal observation. So we are to believe Honda included this system which had no benefit whatsoever other than reliability risk, for what? A practical joke? And the EPAs higher mileage figures were... lies?
The benefit is to American Honda Motor Manufacturing and its business strategy of making an EPA number. Period.

American Honda knows VCM is crappy and destructive. Frankly, they don't care. They benefit from having this system to show the EPA and the buyer, and they expect it to last through a lease and/or warranty but not longer.

American Honda no longer cares about long term ownership. The American Honda of the '80s and '90s is long gone, replaced by beancounters who only want to rape their reputation for a short term gain.

I realized back in 2009 what their game was, with my '02 Ody and its transmission and Honda's treatment of me in that regard. But then, I'm an oddball who buys and keeps a car--not one of the sheeple who just lease and return every 3 years.

Honda isn't alone in this mentality. Hyundai/Kia with their GDI engines, has created a problem with valves gunking up and requiring a regular and expensive maintenance procedure.

Welcome to the world. "Give us money and go away. We don't care." Just wait until the new Honda turbo engines all turn out to be crapola, 3 year lease/warranty wonders.
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