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Ventelation without using Air Cond

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Is there a way just to have the fan circulate outside air? In older cars, this was called using the vent. Now it seems that the air conditioning is always on and sometimes the outside air would be enough and I wouldn't have to use the air conditioning all the time.

I have come up with turning the climate control on and than switching off the air conditioning. Fan works and apparently outside air is circulated.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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You can do this with the climate control, but it's not entirely obvious.

You have complete control over fan speed with the fan knob. You can manually control the A/C with the A/C button. You can direct the air to where you want it by using the Mode button.

Now, how do you keep engine heat from being a factor in all of this? The climate control doesn't explicitly have a "total manual" mode. BUT: notice the owner's manual talks about the extremes of the temperature knob. If you turn it all the way to the cold extreme, to 60 degrees, the temperature will *not* be regulated. The A/C will come on and stay on, just like any car with standard controls. If you turn it all the way to the hot extreme, to 90 degrees (I think it is), the temperature will not be regulated. The engine heat will be there 100% of the time with the blend doors set at 100% heat--just like any car with standard controls.

I'm thinking that if you turned the temp control all the way to the cold setting (to prevent any temperature regulation whatsoever) and manually turned the A/C off and set the fan speed to whatever you wanted and set the mode to whatever vents you wanted, you'd get pure outside air going to the vents you chose at the fan speed you chose.

I'll have to try that.
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