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Ventshade ventvisor

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Has anyone placed the Ventshade company's shade/window deflector on their front windows? Helps to keep van cooler by allowing windows to be cracked even if it is raining by deflecting the rain. Curious if anyone likes it and if the install was simple. A friend of mine has it on their explorer and swears by it. A site that sells them:
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Yahoo Club member "brushwood2222" installed the Weathertech Window Deflectors. He says it just inserts into the window channel (no tape needed). But cost a little more though.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Franko:
Let me guess. You own
Dang! That picture didn't work. Oh well. Franco, you think he owns it? Hmm...

I don't have any vent shades on my Ody but have put some on a previous car. The vent shades stuck to the window frame with some 3M automotive double stick tape. They're good to have if you like to drive with your window cracked open to let fresh air in or let the funk air out.
The Ody's A/C is pretty impressive and comfortable so I tend to run it all the time, especially in the rain.
The vent shades usually look good on 2 door coupes and I have no idea how they would look on the van with 3 sets of windows per side.
Guess it just depends on your taste and driving habits. Good luck.
I also have the Weathertechs. If you're going to get any, go with the weathertech because they are the only ones that snap in without tape. I got them at But I find that I usually drive with the windows closed, so I don't actually get that much use out of them.
Thanks to everyone for the rapid responses. Contrary to some responses, I don't own autostyles nor have any financial interest associated with them. I live in Florida, and we get a lot of 100+ degree weather down here. The thought of keeping the vehicle slighly cooler, yet keeping the interior dry should it unexpectedly rain while shopping etc is a definite advantage. To the responses regarding the Macneil product (thanks for posting)--do the weather reflectors attach to any paint (don't want this) or do they just kind of pop into place. I don't want to put these on to look cool, as I would have bought a different vehicle if that were the case. Thanks for the responses. It sounds like the other brand is superior in that no tape is necessary.

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No. The flange is very thin and it pops right into the window channel, right next to the glass.
Any noticable wind noise from the weathertechs?
Here's a pic of the WeatherTech Deflectors.


Special thanks to brushwood2222 for the pic
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Ordered the Macneil Weathertech "easy on" stone and bug deflector for $49.95, and the weatherflectors for $44.95 from (free shipping special on 30 april). Don't own Autostyles, Weathertech, or I had to call the toll-free number to get the hood deflector as it wasn't listed on the site, but they do have them. Thanks for posting the pics.

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Do they have color options? I only see clear ones, but the photo give the appearance that they may be dark or black....
I believe the clear ones are the only one's available for the weatherflectors. I have been thinking about installing them in my oddy but I am still undecided.

Coming home today, I revisited my thinking about some kind of wind deflector, as the rain dripped in my slightly opened driver's window.

I like the idea of something fitting in the window channel, but am not happy thinking about the possibility of the window glass getting scratched...

Right now, am thinking about vent visors stick-ons. I know the tape can be a mess, but it might be easier to deal with than the alternative....
I installed the VentShade VentVisors on my Ody as well as BMUTUC's Ody. I'm very happy with it. It was an easy install. It uses 3M adhesive tape. If anyone is interested in purchasing this, make sure you use the alcohol-based cleaning pad to clean the surface area so that the adhesive tape sticks on very well. I purchased mine from AutoZone for $29.95. They had to special order it and I got it after three business days.
'02 same as '01?

Tried to get some ventvisors, but most don't list '02s.....

Is the '02 the same as the '01 Ody?
Re: '02 same as '01?

arnereil said:

Is the '02 the same as the '01 Ody?
Should be the same. There was no major body restyle in the '02 so I don't see why the '01 Ventshade won't fit.
I just got one of these, here's how it looks.


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Where did you order ventvisor?

bmutuc (hope I got this right): Can you tell me if you bought it (ventvisor) local or on the net?

It looks good to me..

I have checked local walmart and pep boys and auto zone, but no one carries it for the odyssey.
Re: Where did you order ventvisor?

arnereil said:

I have checked local walmart and pep boys and auto zone, but no one carries it for the odyssey.
Those who got the Ventshade posted, they went to auto zone and had them special order it for Ody and if i remember right, it only took them few days to get them.
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