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Very Strange

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I just looked at the college hills Honda web site and noticed that in Sept and October production there is not listing of Starlight Silver dates. I am on the list for SS and I hope this is a mistake. I don't want to wait until Nov or December for SS to be produced.

Anyone know if that might just be a mistake??

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My dealer in PA, burnehonda told me that I am first on the list to get '02 SS EX, infact he also asked if I wanted an '01 SS EX that was available next week. He was quite sure that I should be getting the '02 in mid sept. The SS are the most popular color and happen to get the majority of production chunk.

I am dealing with Dave Campfield and he did mention that there was one guy ahead of me. The waiting list depends upon the booking time, mine was around first week of July. Is it that each salesperson is going as per their own list of customers? Who is your salesperson and what time did you make your booking. Where you also offered an '01 SS EX coming next week? Dave mentioned that the vans should start rolling in as early as second week of sept. Please share your feedback too. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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