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I'm posting this question here so others so-minded can benefit from your answer.

I'm looking to install a 2-monitor video system in my Odyssey, with a VCP source. I definitely want to go with headrest monitors in the driver and front passenger seats. I've been looking at the monitors available on your site and am leaning towards the 5.6" "house brand" just because it powers on/off with a signal from the source (so I could tie into a constant 12V source without worrying about battery drain from monitor left on). I'm worried though that this might be to big to install ( I am a fanatic for a clean installation.) Any advice on this?

With two monitors, would you recommend a video amplifier? I can't foresee putting more monitors than that in, but I probably will split the audio to the RF headphone setup you advertise, and an FM modulator for times when we might all want to listen.

I'll probably mount the VCP under one of the front seats, so I'm guessing I'll need an RF remote or some sort of repeater. Things like Dolby 5.1 are less important to me than reliability. Do you have any favorites you recommend above others?

Finally, are there any general recommendations you have or any mistakes I should look out for? Thanks for your help!
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