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VSA and Check Engine Light

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Hi everyone! I could really use some help! My 06 Ody Touring has had a recurring check engine light problem. Occasionally when I turn the van on and it's in park, I will get a "Check VSA system" light in the MIL display and a check engine light. The van drives normally, but the light stays on. Eventually it turns off. My dealership has checked it out and I've taken it back 3 times now and it still is doing it. Any ideas on what this could be? I don't really care if it's on I am just tired of going back and forth to the dealer!
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Did the dealer tell you the code that they got from your van? If so, telling us that code can help us to help you where to start looking at. If they haven't, run to autozone and ask them to pull the code.
I had the same problem with the Engine, triangle sign and VSA lights on. I changed the engine oil to higher quality oil (synthetic, etc.) with higher quality oil filter. Two weeks have passed I have not seen any lights turn on again. Hope it help.
Check VSA light during sudden stops or sharp turns


I depaxed my 06 Odyssey Touring and a few weeks later got a "Check VSA light" . I thought it was due to my different tire size and different air pressure but after reading a couple of posts from different people found the problem was more simple than that.

There wasn't enough oil in my engine. I was short 2.5 quarts of oil. Every time I would stop suddenly or make a sharper than usual turn, the oil in my engine would shift and thus my van would go into "safe mode" or the "Check VSA" mode and slow down suddenly.
I simply put in the oil in my engine and the "Check VSA" light disappeared.
I got rid of the "Check engine" symbol by disconnecting and reconnecting my battery.

This beats spending thousand of dollars changing the VSA modulator or YAW sensor.
Why does a low oil light kick of the VSA light?
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