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Waiting Period for 2002 Ody

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We went looking for the 2002 Odyssey last
weekend here in Houston, Texas. One dealer
Gillman Honda, had several on the lot ready
to sell.
We wanted a Granite Green CX-L, and the next
day we got a call that one would be available.
Dealer said they called 3 people that were on
a waiting list, but that they did not answer.
So, dealer called us. We had not placed the
$500 deposit or anything.
I have heard of others still waiting on the
"LIST". Seems they get calls, but don't call
back quick enough, as dealer sells Odyssey
out from under them.
Anybody else having this problem???
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Be careful of the "implied demand". Dont pay more the $500 under msrp unless you need the van today. I dealt with Chris Strimple at McDavid and he was great (though I bought somewhere else because I am in Austin). He said he wld do $500 under MSRP (my deal) for folks I refer. Just say you spoke with Jim in Austin. Often times dealers will swap out cars with one another. Happened here with folks- went to a dealer who had his car in stock and they wanted msrp + $1500 for an in stock Ody. You go to another dealer and get the $500 under deal and they swap with the dealer who has it in stock. You get the exact same car at your price. There may be some issues like the car they are trading need to be presold by the dealer. BUt its a way around the dealer who gouges.
That's exactly what my brother did when he bought his 91 Accord while living in Baton Rouge. A Baton Rouge dealer wouldn't give him the price he wanted on the only red 2-door in the area, so he went to a New Orleans dealer. Not only did the NO dealer sell my brother the BR dealer's car (at a lower price), the salesman drove up to BR, picked up the car, and closed the deal across the street from the other Honda dealer!
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