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So I tried to sell the Odyssey but no luck, but I've had bunch of questions about the body kit. Here it is:

It cost me a little over $3200 for 8-piece kit and the dual exhaust and shipping from Japan.

This is the WALD Garaxy Line Body Kit for the 1st Gen Odyssey with Wald Exhaust:

Wald Kit includes:
-Front Bumper w Fog Lights
-Rear Bumper
-2 Side Skirts
-2 Eyelids
-Exhaust is a Wald dual exhaust designed for the rear bumper

Here's a link to the same kit but for RA6, I cannot locate RA1 link:

I'll have more photos of the kit and exhaust after I removed it from the Odyssey.

PRICE: $1700 for everything, not including shipping. (I have no clue what this will cost to ship)

contact: [email protected]


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Did you sale your setup yet? If not, how much for the Exhaust and the brake kit? How much for each separate, and how much if I buy both?? Do you have any pics of the exhaust off of the car??
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