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When I was having the towing package & fog lights added to my Odyssey at my local Honda dealership, I also picked up the little stubby S2000 antenna that I had ordered. The parts manager asked if I also owned an S2000. Nope, going to install it on the Odyssey, I replied. He screwed up his face into a very stern scowl and told me that this would NOT be covered under warrantee. Yeah, so ... what’s to go wrong? Unscrew one antenna, screw on another (in theory at least).

I was left with the very distinct impression that they were trying to use the warrantee as a means to bully me into only having them do work on my vehicle. I realize there is a thin line between providing good customer support and dropping support for customers that take things too far, but this seemed a bit much. At this rate, I’m surprised that I am allowed to add gasoline, air, oil, etc. without voiding my warrantee. I am curious if any of the other mod maniacs in the group have caught flack like this from their dealers?

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