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Good question (same one I had) on why the Honda specific warranty is better than independant ones. Check out this site for more info-
best prices i have found were at

You can get warranties good at any mechanic outside of honda. ANother question on the timing of the warranty purchase. At first I thought, wait a while into the 3/36 before purchasing the warranty. But 100k is all you can do any way, so the only advantage to waiting is the time value of money. What does it cost you now in terms of interest, loss of use, etc vs. waiting 2 yrs. And does that offset the higher cost? Go to some of the independant sites and plug in 2002 w/ 0 miles and 2000 with 24,000 miles and see the price difference is-- i did and some where as low as $50 and some almost $200. Its like a bet- I bet the price wont go up that much.

Long first post... sorry.

Got my MB EXL on order from 3 dealers... got $500 under invoice from one Houston dealer..YEA!

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