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Warranty issues with canadien odyssey in US??

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I am in the process of purchasing a "new" Honda Odyssey for my family. Initially, I spoke to an importer who was bringing the car in from Canada but I got a little spooked with an after market warrantee.

Next,I went to a local Honda dealer, and they wanted to sell me a canadien vehicle with the dealership warranteeing 3yrs/36K.

Since they're both selling the same thing, I wonder what other Odyssey owners can tell me about their experiences with this type of arrangement.

The importer uses Vehicular Services Insurance Company and the dealer self insures.

Any input would be appreciated.

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I wouldn't buy a car from Canada because the instruments are going to be in Kilometers per hour on the outside of the speedo wheel and mph on the inside, and this not only is inconvenient but will hurt resale value somewhat. I'm speaking as a former Canadian who lives in the US and owns a Canadian car. My favorite question from passengers in my car is "wow! I can't believe we're going 140!!!"

besides, there are lots of odys available right here, there are several at the two dealers near me in MI.
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