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Warranty issues with canadien odyssey in US??

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I am in the process of purchasing a "new" Honda Odyssey for my family. Initially, I spoke to an importer who was bringing the car in from Canada but I got a little spooked with an after market warrantee.

Next,I went to a local Honda dealer, and they wanted to sell me a canadien vehicle with the dealership warranteeing 3yrs/36K.

Since they're both selling the same thing, I wonder what other Odyssey owners can tell me about their experiences with this type of arrangement.

The importer uses Vehicular Services Insurance Company and the dealer self insures.

Any input would be appreciated.

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I live in CA and have an Odyssey (EX-L)imported from Canada. I bought mine through Platinum Autos in Bellevue, WA. I have been very happy with it. The warranty that they provide (I can't remember the name of the warranty company-- Heritage?) is actually better than the Honda warranty in my opinion because I get a free rental car and roadside assistance. Also, you don't have to take it to the dealer-- you can get it serviced anywhere. I personally hate the Honda dealers around here anyway, and usually prefer to get it serviced at a more convenient location. We have a mechanic who is a family friend who I trust much more than the Honda dealer, and he is quicker as well.

My odometer was converted to MPH before I received the van, and I didn't have any problems registering it in California. Well, that is, once the clueless people at the DMV looked up what to do with a title from Canada!

The odometer was converted by a certified mechanic (or something like that) so there is no problem with selling it. I read a post on Odyclub saying that it would cause problems and additional paperwork, but that it is not true in this case.

I like the cold weather package that only comes on Canadian vans. The only difference is that my temperature control is in Celsius, which doesn't bother me. I adjust the temperature according to how hot or cold I am, not the number. Usually I keep it around 25 degrees.

Anyway, I ordered my van through Platinum and it was delivered to my door within two weeks, after I had been on the waiting list at several different dealers for 5 months. I was unwilling to pay over MSRP, so I kept getting a run around with trying to buy an EX-L because they are so hard to get in Northern CA. So I say go for it-- it's basically the same van.
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