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Warranty Question

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My wife just bought an 09 LX with manual sliding doors. We purchased the Hondacare extended warranty up to 160KM. I was told it was a bumper to bumper warranty the same as if the van was new. The middle roller in the drivers side sliding door went bad and now I have to pay $100 bucks to fix it. Doesn't seem right. Any opinions??
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Did you even read your contract? What was your deductible? Can you fix it for less than $100? If not, pay it and carry on... :D
Posting warranty question in 2005-2010 forum is also wrong since we have a dedicated warranty forum. Move it this time but please post in correct forums in the future to prevent your threads from getting locked.
I just got my Honda Care docs in the mail. Doors are excluded, but sliding door ROLLERS are not. Should be covered. Read the contract - it's not THAT long... :)

(EDIT: Mine was for a NEW vehicle - if yours was purchased for USED, it may be different)
Sorry Dvpatel. Know better next time. I went through every scrap of my warranty material and the rollers are not even mentioned. They are not in the area of coverage, and no where does it indicate that they are not. If I had of known I could have bought the part and done it myself. I did the ones one my wifes 03. Gonna have a chat at the dealer.
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