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Hey everyone, first time posting but a long time lurker on this forum. Thanks for all the tips and advice over the years. However, I am running into some issues that I have not seen posted before.

The van is a 2007 Odyssey EXL. While replacing a bad rear wheel bearing on the driver side today I discovered there are signs that water is getting in the space between the rear wheel bearing assembly and the rear knuckle, the space for the wheel speed/ABS sensor.

The bearing assembly that I replaced today only about 1 year old. It is a genuine Honda part. The part of the assembly that inserts into the rear knuckle is covered in rust! A sign that water is getting into the ABS sensor area. The water in there most likely made the bearings go bad. Below is the picture of the rusted vs new bearing assembly.


I could only think of two ways water can get in. One way is from hole for the ABS sensor, another way is from the O-ring on the bearing assembly. I went ahead and put some silicone sealer on the outside on the ABS sensor and made sure the O-ring was seated properly when I installed the new bearing assembly.

Has anyone had water issue like this before? I don't want to replace the bearing assembly I put in today a year from now (They are very expensive!) Any input is appreciated, thank you.
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