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Wax suggestion - lazy guy that likes his car clean

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First - thanks everyone for their input on this forum. It's already saved me plenty replacing the cabin filter myself.

Now - we just purchased a used '07 Odyssey EX, dark cherry pearl if that matters. I've got 2 little ones at home (and another on the way), so free time seems to be at a premium. I do find time to wash the van Saturday morning before most of the family wakes up - although the neighbors roll their eyes.

On other cars I have used Malms and at times Mothers to wax. Frankly Malms takes too long now and is out of the question. I'm not looking to win any awards or impress this world with my Odyssey wax job. However, I would like to protect the finish with an occasional wax. i'm sure I won't do it more than twice a year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? On this forum I've read NTX (or something like that) as a possibility. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
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alright - here is the easiest thing in the world
you may never wash or wax your van again!
as a father of 4 i understand the value of time
get some good microfiber cloths
god sent this down for guys like us
mist on and wipe clean
let me know what you think
this stuff is AWESOME!!!
Thanks ear. I googled the slick mist and can't tell for sure what it does. Replace waxing? Or washing? Any drawbacks I should know about? I'm going to order a bottle soon.
the slick mist won't exactly replace either
a good bath and a wax job is always a good idea
but this stuff will keep your ody looking great
i can go for weeks without washing mine no problem
washing it just gets the dust out of all the cracks that get missed
the slick mist does protect the paint and shine it like a wax
it doesn't last as long as wax, but it doesn't have to
you can apply this stuff to the whole van in about 10 mins.
i do mine about once a week and get compliments all the time
it even works great on the windows and black trim
i tell everyone i know to give it a try
i don't know anyone disappointed yet
i can't think of any down side
just be sure to use a microfiber
they work soo much better than terry cloth
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If you want something that protects well and are only doing it twice a year, try Collinite 845 Insulator Wax. Lasts a long time and easy to apply -- it's a liquid and won't leave residue on the black molding/rubber. Easy to wipe off after it dries. Search the 'net and you should see lots of info on it.

However, it is only a wax, doesn't have any cleaning properties so needs to be applied to paint that's in good shape.

Would also look good on a dark metallic color. I usually order mine from ebay.
Hold a mirror to read the reflection to find what was used to achieve that shine :)

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If you want something easy to apply, use the DuraGloss 501 shown in the previous image (the white bottle). It is sealant/wax and very easy to apply and to take it off. You can do entire van in less than half an hour. This assumes that your paint condition is decent and you are not looking for flawless finish.

Later you can use DuraGloss Aquawax 951 to bring out more shine. That process will take literally under 15 minutes.

- Vikas
collinite makes the best waxes for lazy people. Two coats of collinite 845(liquid) or 476(paste) will last throught the winter on car that is left outdoors and 8 months on a car garaged.
I've used Zaino once. It's pricey, but it goes on super easy and comes off without much effort.

In between waxes, this stuff works pretty well. Meguirs quick wax.

Or if you're really lazy, just use the Meguirs quick wax.
Purchased the Duragloss 501 from last week and used it on my car and WifeAce's Ody.

I really liked how well the Duragloss restored the black trim.

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I use Eagle One Wax-as-you-dry. Squeegee the excess water of and spray this on as you chamois the van dry. Does a good job and builds up over time. This is for those that want some shine and protection without a lot of work. I have used it for years on several vehicles. It won't be as good as Sontakke's, but in the time it takes to dry the van, I have it waxed.
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