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Clear coat is paint, it should not take 6 months to cure and if you like you can wax till your hearts content. If you are uncomfortable waxing the new car right away wait a few weeks and then go to it.

I quit waxing our new cars starting with our 2006 models. Just wash them regularly and that is it. The clear coat is a layer of paint without any pigment that protects the underlying paint with color from fading. Clear coat will benefit from waxing but it depends on your personal preference. If you live in the North like I do and live with long winters and abusive salt on roads waxing this layer does almost nothing as it is quickly removed from the surface with frequent trips to the car wash to keep the salt off. Waxing in the spring does get all of the winter grime off and make the finish look shiny but the clear coat holds up without waxing. What I did with the 06' was have a professional buff the clear coat once over the 5 year period we owned it (after 3 years of winters). This takes a few microns of the top layer off, removes minor scratches and leaves a fresh layer of clear coat exposed. The vehicle looks new again and still looks good after a couple of years of abusive road grime. After that we sold the car (without waxing it) and did not receive any complaints on the condition of the paint or appearance of the van compared to other vans available for sale.

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