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WeatherFlectors - did you get used to them?

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I installed MacNeil <a href="">WeatherFlectors</a> last night and have some abivalence about them.

I like the additional tint they provide.

However, wind noise seems louder with the windows either open or closed. Also, they distort or block vision in a few small areas, particularly just around the side mirrors.

Does this match your experience and if so, did you get used to it?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by homeric:
... My wife is just 5' tall and I have not had a complaint from her about them obstructing her sight to the side view mirrors...</font>
I should have been more clear. The view of the mirrors themselves is not impaired for me.

The area where I experience the most visual distortion and distraction is near the side view mirrors. This is because the curved 'flector changes angles in that location.

I'm starting to get used to them, so I think I'll leave them on for a few more days to see if they blend in completely.


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