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WeatherFlectors - did you get used to them?

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I installed MacNeil <a href="">WeatherFlectors</a> last night and have some abivalence about them.

I like the additional tint they provide.

However, wind noise seems louder with the windows either open or closed. Also, they distort or block vision in a few small areas, particularly just around the side mirrors.

Does this match your experience and if so, did you get used to it?


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I used to have the flectors (months ago) but returned them a week later. Here are my reasons:
1. Wind noise (as complaint by Maugham)
2. kinda damaged my windows (had the dealer replaced a regulator)

For all of you complaining about the wind noise, here is my theory - very bottom of the page.

DDakRT, you may want to take the window-flectors off then visit your dealer to have them check the windows. They will probably replace a regulator - just like mine.

NOTE: DO NOT let the dealer see your window-flectors : 'coz they will blame the flectors for causing the "squeaks and cracks")


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