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WeatherFlectors - did you get used to them?

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I installed MacNeil <a href="">WeatherFlectors</a> last night and have some abivalence about them.

I like the additional tint they provide.

However, wind noise seems louder with the windows either open or closed. Also, they distort or block vision in a few small areas, particularly just around the side mirrors.

Does this match your experience and if so, did you get used to it?


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The Weathertech's do not interfere with my side vision as I am tall and drive with the seat retracted as far as possible. My wife is just 5' tall and I have not had a complaint from her about them obstructing her sight to the side view mirrors. We had them on our '97 Odyssey too.
I only heard the creaking noise the first time I closed the windows after installing. After waiting the recommended 24 hours with the windows fully closed, I hear no noise when opening or closing the windows.
I don't think that using them as a vent (with the window only opened slightly) is any more noisy than not having them. Yes if the windows are fully opened the wind howls, but you don't get blasted by the gust. Without them it would be almost as loud and much more gusty. I, like Nemogira, do not drive at speed very often with the windows fully opened anyway.
Another benefit is the ability to leave the windows open slightly on a hot day (or any day) and not worry about having the van burgled. Of couse anyone that REALLY wants in will get in anyway.

For my tastes the benefits of not getting blasted by the slight opening of the windows and the ability to crack the windows in the rain outweighs any of the other stated problems here.

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