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Ok, my 3 sets of weathertech mats arrived today and I put them in...I like them! They make the van look more..."durable" I guess you'd say. Kinda like all that cladding that goes around Frontiers and the Chey Avalanche (which my brother is buying!). I just can't get him away from those American cars. ;-P

Anyway, I cut the 3rd set ('3' lines in) and they fit nice and snug now. A couple of questions:

1) I put them over the existing floor mats but I can see the edges of the mats. Should I take out the Honda mats? I know there was some discussion awhile back that mayb you'd get a couple of micro-decibels less of road noise..

2) I used one side I cut for the famous "Chuck-Dead-Pedal". Anything special you did Chuck? It 'kind-of' fits up against the back of the parking brake but Honda didn't really design that area very smoothly between this bolt & the floor so its not perfectly flat/smooth.

Anyway, lemme sneak out & see if I can't take a couple of quick pics so youse can what I'm talking about.

floor mats * mud flaps * cargo tray * leather steering wheel wrap * Blaupunkt 652 speakers * blue 'super bright' headlights * weathertech floor mats
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Chuck, dead pedal looks great. What length screws did you use, and about water entering thru the screw holes?
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