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Shindog -- we have the Expressway and have had some of the issues you described. I am a fairly small woman, but I like the seat well enough otherwise to deal with it. I can get it tight, but like you mentioned, it involves constantly pulling the hugs mechanism down as I tighten (pull the tightening strapp until it stops, pull the hugs things down, pull the strap, etc.). I get it very tight this way, but it's especially tricky when my son is wearing his coat. I have gotten into the habit of having him coatless in the car regardless of the outside temperature.

Since I didn't have the Roundabout to compare it to (just a Century Smart Move which is also a pain to adjust) I didn't see the inconvenient adjustment as a deal killer, but I do worry that other less anal people (my husband, my mother, etc.) will not get him really tight in the seat b/c they won't go to the trouble. Fortunately, my husband doesn't loosen the straps either so as long as I don't loosen them to get him out, I just have to hear my husband complain about how hard it is to get him in.
I also don't really like the fact that I have to fit the buckle together before I can slide the pieces in the base -- it makes it really a two handed job (meaning my baby always has to get in her carseat before my son which means he is potentially running around free in the parking lot -- he generaly doesn't do that, but the possibility stresses me out a little).

Anyway, I can see why you would take it back given your wife's situation. I can adjust it, but not with the ease I expected from Britax given the rave reviews their products seem to get.
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