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As you indicate, 5-point harnesses are preferred. 3-point lap/shoulder belts can and do provide a very good degree of protection, but only if the passenger is seated properly.

Most children around 30 pounds simply aren't mature enough to stay with a regular seatbelt on them properly. Heck, some adults aren't, either. A 5-point harness is much more likely to keep children positioned properly before a crash, and is probably somewhat safer in some types of crashes, too.

If you have an Expressway, the recommendation would be to continue to use it until your child outgrows it by weight or height. If you do need to use a booster for an emergency, it is safe provided your child does meet the minimum age/weight requirements and the belts are adjusted properly. Just be sure to instruct your child how to remain seated properly, and not to push the belt aside or be leaning off to the side or too far forward.

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