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First I want to mention that I read the thread about doors. I have an 03 EXL. For a year I have been having problems with the doors and I finally got enough of it when the rear passenger door would not get "sucked in" at the end of closing cycle. Instead, it will attempt to open as if it hit something. My solution was to close the door with the remote and force it closed so it could not bounce back. So I drove with a slight gap in the door and the freaking door buzzer on until I found out that I can actually turn it off :p
Anyways, I disconnected the battery, took outt fuse 13, did the reteach .
Result is worse than before: the "open" side of my dashboard button does not work on the passenger side anymore. The passenger door closes 95% and then it does not get pulled in, it just stops and I cannot reopen it, neither manually (it's totally stuck) nor with the dashboard button or remote. I already have the door panel and the inside trim off so I can access the latch assembly as well as the tensioner. The only way to open the door is to release the tensioner as much as possible. I already ordered the center rollers for both doors $60/pc and I want to get the latch assembly also but maybe there is some trick to make the motors work properly, I already tried the tapping. It seems to be some electrical problem or maybe connector or the main motor itself. Please help!
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