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Weird problems with 04 EX-L

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My 04 has been doing weird things. Sometimes when I turn the corner, the interior lights all come on. Also the door locks go from locked to unlocked on their own. Sometimes while turning, the passenger door lights up on the panel as if it were opened when it's not. Today I got in van and noticed a map light was left on. However the van started just fine. Drove approx 5 miles, went to get kids out and power doors wouldn't lock. Tried to start van, made brief clicking sound, then dash lights lit up, ac started blowing and clock came back on. Drove approx 3 miles, during this time cd player randomly stopped and came back on. When reached destination, the van wouldn't initially restart. But then did and drove home with no problems. Any opinions, advice appreciated. Thank you so much.--oh and got new battery last fall

2004 Honda Odyssey EX-L
119k miles
original owner
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Check for a faulty front passenger's door switch. The part can become mangled from a seatbelt caught in the door for example. It is a black rubber part on the chassis. If this is faulty and left on, the interior lights can come on intermittently, the door indicator in the dash to come on and run down your battery.
I would check all the ground connections, battery connections and have the battery tested for starters.
Check for a faulty front passenger's door switch. QUOTE]
+1 on that.
Early on in the life of my van, I had some strange problems usually right after closing driver's side door. The worst was it seemed almost every dash light would flicker on/off along with the sound of a relay clicking. Dealer couldn't find anything, so I removed and actually disassembled the door switch. Cleaned contacts and made a little adjustment for stronger contact. No more problems.
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