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what do they mean?

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what do you guys mean when you say GG and CSS and all that along with the EX trim line... sorry im a young newbie lol
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Those are all abbreviations for the color. GG is Granite Green, RP is Redrock Pearl, TW is Taffeta White, MB is Mesa Beige, CCS is Canyone Stone Silver (I think), DVB is Deep Velvet Blue, HB is Havasu Blue, etc.



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ooooh! thanks! lol that cleared a LOT of things up hehe... woo hoo!
I've got another one I'm not sure of. Does OEM mean original equipment something-or-other? Sorry for my ignorance!


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And some more to boot...

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
JDM - Japanese Domestic Market
HID - High Intensity Discharge Lighting

- Nestor


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And just to confuse things even more:

OEM - Other Equipment Manufacturer

Let's see.
Where is my acronym name dictionary?

BTW if you look at the lower right corner of your web browser there are Ody color, new 02 color are not there yet.

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Golly, I thought HID meant nobody could find it.......

Jerry O.
2001 GG LX
A little off topic (maybe), but it's fun:

Too bad MB doesn't return Mesa Beige!
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