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What is the best price on a trailer hitch?

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I just found out last night that my new TW EX has just arrived at the dealer and I am going to pick it up today.

I have searched around for trailer hitches and the best price I can find is $152.00 for a Draw-Tight Class III hitch installed at the local U-Haul dealer. I saw a post on this web site about a month ago for a Hidden Hitch for $99.00 at J. C. Whitney, but when I called them up, the price on it was right around $150.00 and I would still have to install it. I can't remember if that included shipping also???? Does anyone know of a better deal (better than the $152.00 price) on a Class III trailer hitch? I can install it myself if it will save me a few bucks. Many thanks in advance!

'01 TW EX
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The uhaul hitch will come with a big sticker that says U-Haul on it that you can see for miles. Make sure they do not put this sticker on it is butt ugly. I would pay 100 more to avoid the sticker, it is that ugly.
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