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What is the best price on a trailer hitch?

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I just found out last night that my new TW EX has just arrived at the dealer and I am going to pick it up today.

I have searched around for trailer hitches and the best price I can find is $152.00 for a Draw-Tight Class III hitch installed at the local U-Haul dealer. I saw a post on this web site about a month ago for a Hidden Hitch for $99.00 at J. C. Whitney, but when I called them up, the price on it was right around $150.00 and I would still have to install it. I can't remember if that included shipping also???? Does anyone know of a better deal (better than the $152.00 price) on a Class III trailer hitch? I can install it myself if it will save me a few bucks. Many thanks in advance!

'01 TW EX
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Odyinid, you are forgetting the wiring harness. It has a special connector to fit the Honda harness and a little black box so your flashers/turn signals still time correctly and so brake and trailer lights work will work correctly. If you buy this from draw-tite I bet it will not have the Honda connector. I did this on my Accord and had to almost had to sign a liability release to get the connector and pins from Honda.

The Honda setup is a draw-tight product but the wiring harness is all Honda. Installing the hitch is a straight forward bolt-on from underneath. The wiring harness requires removing the bumper -- all for the sole purpose of routing the wires thru an existing hole underneath the bumper. There is nothing really wrong with plugging in the harness near the taillight, and then just flopping it over the rear sill to connect to the trailer.

If you want to save money buy the hitch and harness from and (saving time)install the harness without removing the rear bumper.

My dealer is giving me the list price from the parts dept (Transmission cooler, hitch and harness, hitch ball, etc., for $239 + $309 = $548 total parts), plus $167 for installation. I figured this was worth my time and energy when weighed against the other choices.
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