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what is the mechanism called that is used to keep the driver/passenger open, middle of the door? Mine keeps wanting to close on me before I get in.

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I wanted to search it but all i get is threads on locked doors, door latches, everything BUT what I need.

2001 Odyssey.

i've included a pic. Thanks for any help naming this part. This one is shot.
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@WiiMaster are you saying that your factory stock door checks are still operating normally?

I call both my front doors "shin busters" and have to warn EVERYONE that gets in that they're about to be assaulted by their door.

I have also read that they fail again not that long after replacement, even if you buy the Honda OE parts, which is why I never replaced them. Can anyone confirm?

I mean it's cool having self-closing front doors, as I have grown accustomed to getting out and just walking away from the van without closing my driver door, as I know it will close by itself behind me, and it always does.

Dorman parts are more of "in a pinch" replacements, but I would definitely not trust anything with the Dorman name on it that had moving (mechanical) components.
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It was only $15 for the part. Why would I pay the OEM markup for a Honda part on a 22 year old minivan.
If it wears out on 3 days, I've only lost $15 and my time.
Are your shins worth $15? To me, some people like to complain rather than fix the problem. It's easier.
I wouldn't waste the time, let alone $15 for a part from a brand widely regarded as having a high failure rate. You may enjoy "taking the lord's name in vain" and needing to stop for lunch to clear your head and introducing a whole slew of new problems in the process. It sounds like this was quite a trial for you.

"Buy once cry once." That's all I'm saying. Fix it right the first time. :rolleyes:
No it was an education for me at the cost of $15. I was just being honest, as in it was a challenge for me. I'm 71 and due to some physical disabliites, it wasn't easy. I believe you've made your case for why you wouldn't do it and won't do it.

I posted what I found, thought and did. You are free to criticise this thread or anyother thread you wish to.

If nothing else, now when I go to replace the inop passenger door power lock solenoid, the door panel removal will be easier knowing what I know. So to me, it was a worthwhile challenge or adventure with sure some bumps along the way.
Most of us gain wisdom with age, and have a firm understanding of how valuable our time is.

If you want to assume that I wouldn't fix it, be my guest. You know what happens when you assume.
Don't you have other threads needing your've made your point........move on. Please. And please post YOUR thread if and when you fix yours so we can all read it.
I look forward to I'm sure others do as well.
I don't think I'd need to make a thread for it, there may already be some. And you'd give me a big head if you said anyone looked forward to my posts.

If it has to be said, I don't plan to replace them until I replace the speakers in the doors, which is a back burner project for me. There is no immediate need to replace either component.

I learned to wrench the way you did doing this job. Trial and error, divide and conquer, and fix it right the first time, which also means using quality parts.

You plead the case of this being a pretty rough job, and my only opinion on your experience is that you've used a brand of parts that is known for its failure rates and that I would have researched which part to buy before pulling the trigger.

I applaud your effort in getting this job one, I know how intense delving inside a door can be if you've never done it before.
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Eh, can't help every salty curmudgeon.
Oh come come now, you are too are the benchmark by which we must measure all others.
Are you trolling me to build up your post count, or mine?
You've been trolling me since I first commented. One immature snarky comment after another. It's like arguing with a child about which is the best Pokémon. Sorry for hurting your feelings so profoundly. Not everyone is here to pat you on the back and tell you what a great job you did so you don't feel bad.
Man, talk about an inferiority complex. I could care less if you think post counts are status symbols, but I'll pray for you.
"I did a thing! The only helpful content in my post is describing how difficult it was! Can someone applaud for me?"

Nah...the first sign of a post you didn't like you turned into a Karen.

Good luck with your door.
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