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I had been planning on buying the Honda alarm/keyless entry from Handa-Accessories. But my insurance agent brought over his brother-in-law to look at my 92 Civic for a commuter car. I showed them the Ody and mentioned I was going to buy the Honda alarm/keyless entry for $258 online, and the dealer wanted $800 installed. He said he has been installing alarm/keyless entry/remote start/etc., for 15 years. He would like to work a system for the Ody and my 98 Civic DX into the price of the 92 Civic. He will call back tommorrow night to finalize the deal. I'm thinking $1700 plus alarm/keyless entry (plus hood switch)for the ODY, and alarm/keyless entry for the 98 Civic (have to add unlock motors to 4 doors). I don't need remote start, both vehicles are garaged.

I've read the aftermarket systems can have alot more features than the factory alarms. It sounds like a good deal to me.

BUT, what are good/bad alarm systems/components????? I don't want to be ripped off with junk.

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I have a VSE alarm on my Mustang and it performed well. The remotes were really small but I had to send them in twice in the last 10 years to get reprogrammed.

I've heard good things about Alpine and Clifford alarms, as well.

Good luck.

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