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Wheel Well Leak

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a leak we had by our rear wheel well. We never drive with our third row seats down so we never noticed, but we had them folding down during a long drive in the rain. When we got home we had water all around our passenger well. Turns out there was a seem on the outside that wasn't sealed very good, letting water in. When the 3rd row is up you don't really notice the area that's leaking. It's all fixed now but you might want to check sometime in a hard rain.
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I'll post pictures by today to show everyone the area to look out for. Glad(not for you gfh) I wasn't the only one with this issue. I had about 6,000 miles when I noticed it. We only drove it in the rain a few times so i'm glad we found it early. And yes it sucks to have have something that is supposed to be of top quality have issues like this. Dealer had mine for two days to find the leak, and another to fix it. Luckily the carpet wasn't trashed like yours.
Here's some pics, you wouldn't notice the leak unless your 3rd row seats are not up.

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