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When is the transmission clunk / bang worth worrying about

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I have a 99 Ody that has had some minor issues. This weekend I notice that when at a stop and shifting from Drive to Reverse I got a very load bang / clunk. Sounds very metallic. I have seen some old posts from Odyfan on the issue. Could some "senior" Ody Club member comment on whether this is a serious issue. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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While shifting from D4 to R, you need to
shift to N and wait for 3-5 seconds and then
shift into R. I too had same problem with 99LX. It takes some time for gear engagement.
Also noticed that when my vehicle is parked for more then 4 hours ( i.e it is cold ),
and then when I shift from P to R, there is a bang, to avoid this , I raise the rpm to 2000 and hold it steady for 5 - 10 seconds, this will circulate A/T oil in all
solenoid values and will not bang when shifting into R. Once the engine is running and Temp gauge shows normal, there is no
bang in R shift from any direction.
It's a problem. You'll probably need a new tranny.

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My new '02RRP takes a little time to engage R to D especially in the morning. When I took it in for the famous pull to the right and litttle squeaks and rattles I asked the service rep at the dealer. He said he'll check it, but it sounded typical -- especially when cold. He was convincing and explained the technical reason... Bands need a moment to shift momentum etc.... I just give it it's time and keep my foot on the brake during the shift change. A few minutes later, it's gone for the day.

When the vehicle is cold, it can't hurt to let the fluids circulate a bit and just let things "level out" before pulling it into gear. My neighbor jumps into his truck, hits the starter and has the thing in gear and rolling before the engine has a chance to even reach normal idle speed. I guess you can do it that way, if you do not mind strange behavior, but I think a little patience sometimes helps.

Just think how it is when you have to jump out of bed for some emergency. It is often a little strange until all your systems level out. Ditto with mechanical stuff.

Not accusing anyone of this behavior, just thinkin'......and typing.......

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
Seems like it's a common Honda Tranny 'feature'. I also have a 98 Accord V6, and my friend just bought a 01 Accord V6. Both of the Accords have the same 'feature' when shifting from 'D' to 'R' where we will hear a 'cluck'... BTW< my 02 Ody does that too.. Kinna hate that.
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