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Hey, all. I've gotten great help from you guys in the past, so I'm here again. :DD

We are FINALLY selling our beloved 97 Ody (a girl never forgets her first Ody ...), 2 years after buying our 95. But first I need to figure out where to get a new tail light. I had an, um, "incident" with our trash can in our driveway while backing out, and the tail light cover was smashed. (This is how DH figured out where to put the trash cans out so they're not IN the driveway, but I digress ...)

I don't want to try to sell the 97 with the broken tail light, as it is in great shape otherwise, but the dealer wants $240 for the part. :rollingeyes:

Anyhoo ... I Googled a bit but found lots of aftermarket covers, and I can't tell one from the other. So a Honda part is preferred.

Also -- how does one replace a tail light cover? :D Depending on how difficult it is to replace, I might just buy the part and include the part in the sale and have the buyer replace it (I'm expecting the car will be purchased by a DIYer, which we are decidedly NOT). But if it's just a matter of prying something out and popping something on, I can try it myself. I think. :coolio:

Thanks for any help! You guys rock! DH loved his Nav system software upgrade, which I bought from a link on here at Christmas ... said it was the most romantic gift he'd ever received ... ;)
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