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Where to see RRP color?

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Could anyone point me to somewhere on the web where I could see a photo of the new RRP color on an Odyssey? We are about to order a 2002, and I am inclined toward the SS (we are coming from CSS), but my wife would like to see the RRP before she accepts the idea of yet another silver/gray car.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by davidbthompson:
Great - thanks. Are there any other Honda/Acura models out there which for the 2001 or earlier model years used this color - RRP - so that we could actually see the color in person on a real vehicle?

Maybe check out the site. Try building your own RSX.




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Thanks - but what I find on the Acura website is "Firepepper Red" rather than Red Rock. Am I just not finding the Red Rock somehow (perhaps I looked under the wrong trim level?), or are you saying that those two colors are substantially the same?
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