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Which External Transmission Filter is Best for the Honda Odyssey

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Wanted the advice of everyone on this forum on which external AT filter is best. I have read on this forum and others of all three being used so I was hoping to narrow it down for myself and others in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

1. Magnefine

2. WIX

3. B&M

Thanks to all who add their experiences/input!
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Well, ever since bbylon5 posted his positive experiences regarding Magnefine, I think the stock of their company rose considerably just based on the purchases by OdyClub members.

I'm a Magnefine user, too.

Magnefine, for the money, can't go wrong. Plus too. There is a bypass if it gets clogged.
What size Magnefine should I order? I see three sizes listed: 3/8, 5/16, 1/2 inch. Also should I buy the smart connect option to go with it or are most folks installing it without this?

3/8 inch - comes with everything you need - i did not use the smart connection. When it comes time to replace I will just loosen the clamps and slide the old one out... I will try and post pics - I installed it along with a tranny cooler -
You'd be better off with an remote transmission filter and a magnet on it. Just search remote transmission filter on ebay. Then search oil filter magnet. The two combined should give you the same results if not better than a magnefine.
Are most folks using the 3/8 sized Magnefine? They list three sizes and there is no guide for vehicle type on their website. Anyone using a size other than 3/8 and does size really matter (I can see the jokes coming on that question) :)
3/8s is the size of our transmission lines so thats what I'd get.

I only reccomend the Remote filter due to the ease of changing it out(spin on and spin off) Inline means you have to remove the clamps and retighten them on.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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