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folks recommend for the 2002 EX-L w/o NAV or DAV Ody?
Obviously the $68 61SOXO3 Honda Ody Service Manual, but what about the $48 61SOXO3EL Electrical Troubleshooting man. and the $13 39SOX930 Emission Control Systems Man.?
Also the $18 30SOX900 Intergrated Monitor Sys. Man.? Do any of these other manuals come as part of the $68 man.?

Second Q. Are the various Owners Manuals sold by Helm, listed for various languages and the manual that comes with the new Ody?

I'm a long time DIY'er and have quit a library of FSM's from past vehicles owned, and what to be sure to buy the items needed to cover the entire 2002 Ody.

Thanks, Aardvaark (Mark)
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