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2002 Odyssey
5 speed automatic
130,000 miles

The problems are about 1 year now and not gettting any worse.
Slow and soft shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear.
Intermittant failure to engage 3rd gear - engine revs up with no
vehicle acceleration - engages after a few seconds.
Intermittant hard shift into 2nd gear when slowing down and then
accellerating normally
Failure codes are not known - I don't have a code reader.

Work already done with no improvement:
ATF Fluid drained and replaced 5 times in a row to ensure very clean
Replaced the factory filter - cut it appart and found no debris.
Installed an aftermarket Magnefine filter in the ATF cooling line to
the radiator.
Removed, cleaned and reinstalled the A, B and C solenoids and the
AT clutch pressure control solenoid
All the screens were clean.
Adjusted the AT clutch pressure control solenoid spring B by turning
it clockwise 1/4 turn.
Replaced the 28600-P7Z-003 & 28600-P7W-003 pressure switches.

It seems to me to be a shift control issue and not worn out internal transmission parts.

Shift solenoids are expensive so I don't want to just replace them all in the hope that it will fix the problem.

Which solenoid is most likely to be the problem?​

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You have 2 options as I see it:

1. Clean and fix the electrical connections under the hood and on the control module

2. Replace the AT.

One thing I found with my Ody even after having the AT replaced is that the harness connections get corroded. After about 5 years any car that uses computer networking technology is susceptible to intermittent issues due to weak or mildly corroded harness connections. I've disconnected, cleaned and lubed all of my engine compartment harness connections a couple of times. A month ago I was getting hard shift into reverse on my super smooth brand new Gator transmission rebuild. I could NOT believe it would be mechanical after the job they do on a rebuild. So, I pulled the connector off of my Control Module and cleaned and lubed the connections. I hadn't done this before--only the engine compartment. Then, just to be safe--I pulled all of the AT connectors and cleaned them too. Problem solved! BTW, there are TWO cable harness terminators that look like they don't connect to anything attached near the rear of the AT. These have jumper connectors in them and these were actually causing me issues last year until I cleaned them. If after you clean the connections you still have the same issues--you're in the new tranny club.
The problem is that the original clutch material used by Honda is weak at best. In addition, there are internal seal material issues that cause erratic pressure variations. These two flaws work together in grinding up your clutches until it doesn't matter what you do--it just needs a rebuild.
If you find yourself going that route--read up on Gator Transmissions--in fact--even before you go that route--call Joe at Gator and tell him what your trouble is. He'll help you if he can. The clutch upgrades and pressure seal improvements that Gator does on their rebuilds makes the Ody drive like a racer car. :D

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hi wiswell,

you seem to have same issues i did. pls check my post. i changed mine to redline racing atf and that seems to have fixed the issue for the moment. try it.

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