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Which TPMS tool do I need to read sensor IDs?

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Have a 2011 Honda Odyssey with a set of tires for winter and non-winter, each has new TPMS sensors that works.

I have the Autel Quickset tool that lets you swap summer/winter codes, BUT I foolishly didn't record the winter IDs last year before I had a shop swap to the summer.

Rather than visit a shop for finding and programming my winter IDs, is there a tool I can buy?

I just need to read the IDs of what's in my current set of tires, I have a tool to program the ids via obd port.

ive seen the autel "maxi pad" (is it really named that??) but it seems like it's designed for on bench sensor reading, not sensors already mounted in tires?

If there are any technical folks -- what about sdr options like rtl_433? I have the latest version and when I drive around with it recording 315Mhz I collect dozens of ford and Toyota sensors but not my own :ROFLMAO: wasn't sure if there might be a one-off version or other method floating out there to get that going?

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I have the Autel TPMSMaxi TS 501. It reads the sensor ID’s and can reprogram / clone them so you can have matching codes on both sets of wheels.
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I bought an Autel TS508 and it worked fine.

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